Undermountain Dive

going left

Aerisume, Zelkova, Flip, Flop, Killian, and new recruit Hector set off once again from the town of Waterdeep in to the ruins of undermountain. With no particular location in mind the two dwarfs decided the group should go left and so with Killian leading the charge and the illiterate mage giving directions from the back they set off. After a quick run in with a massive suit of armor and Flop finding a new hat for his wardrobe, the party found a wall which said:

(common, blood) FOOLS GO BACK*
(elvish, charcoal) Seek not here twil not be found,
treasure lies I fear, far underground
(common, etched) No golden thrones come with ease,
by Nimwraith’s bones ye shall be pleased
Flip and Flop decided to
add on to the message.
(dwarven, etched) But a Longfellow bone will please you indeed,
So give us a call and we’ll show you for free,
a great treasure it will be…

While the dwarfs were making their mark two cat like creatures stumbled upon the group and attempted to slaughter them, in short the party was victorious. They continued their trek through undermountain until they discovered a room a greedy goblins gambling glittering gold (say that five times fast). The party made quick work of them and discovered food, gold, three gems, bone dice and what looks like a human arm bone. Aerisume and Zelkova both realized this bone might have something to do with the warning on the wall and the bone throne they encountered on a previous trip in undermountain. After a little convincing and possibility of treasure the group started the journey across the first level to the throne room. Before they arrived however they were intercepted by a pack of orcs who were far tougher then average, after barely escaping with their lives the party decided they have had enough fun in undermountain for one day and took the opportunity to ride the well back up to town.



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