Undermountain Dive

Dwarf Voodoo

The party wasted no time in getting back down in to undermountain and once everyone was down the well Flop suddenly discovered he had Dwarven voodoo and it compelled him to go west. Since no one else in the party had any other ideas of where to go they decided to follow Flop. The easiest way west was through the hall of mirrors and once they reached the end of the hall Flop was unsure of which way to go, while the party waited for him to make up his mind one of the final mirrors in the hall caught the reflection of Zelkova, Aerisume, and Hector which of course summoned copies of them. They were easily defeated then Hector wanting to make sure that doesn’t happen again he throws a fire grenade at the mirror shattering it and, summoning two more copies of himself. Again they were easy to dispose of. We continued west until we ran into five orcs, the fight went without a problem how ever one ran over to the chamber pot and threw some kind of bomb at us which freaked us out slightly. The party continued west and some how got lost thanks to Flop’s voodoo. Once we found our way again we soon ran in to an old party member Garik along with someone we can only assume to be Halaster’s apprentice.



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