Undermountain Dive

Death to Garik

After a brief conversation between Garik, Halaster’s apprentice, and the group the apprentice disappeared claiming to have more important matters to attend to leaving Garik to deal with his former groupmates. Those who had adventured with Garik before noticed something was different about him now, he seems a little more dead, probably due to the fact that he is now a death knight. The battle was tough and Killian almost lost his life a few time during the fight and Garik seemed to enjoy every minute of it. When everything was all said and done Garik was finally dead along with Killian and the rest of the party was looking pretty ragged either due to lack of spells or because Garik just beat the piss out of them. Immediately after Garik’s death Flip and Flop began to loot Garik’s corpse, they found a necklace which looked like the necklace Marcus sent them down here to find in the first place along with Garik’s black armor and a longsword containing Garik’s soul. Flip decided to keep the necklace safe by putting it on. After a quick break the party slowly but surely made their way back to the surface with Killian being carried by Zelkova’s giant fly. Once on the surface they brought Killian to Marcus and returned the necklace. Marcus said he would take care of Killian and rewarded the party with a small bag of holding filled with coins, when Aerisume dumped the bag out to divide the gold equally 10,000 gold coins came pouring out, Marcus was mildly ticked.

With all kinds of new gold in their pockets the party made their rounds to all the shops and Flop bought a Deck of Many Things which he gave to Flip and by some miracle the deck didn’t have any horrible downsides. For now the party is just waiting in town for Killian to be resurrected so they can be off to their next adventure.



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